About SMK composite bridges

Composite Bridge (SMK) - Tooth in one day

The best solution for the cases described above is a composite bridge (SMK) - the method is based on rebuilding the missing tooth with composite resin (alternative to porcelain). The SMK - tooth in one day system was created at the Pomeranian Dental School in Szczecin by Cezary Turostowski DDS. It has been used since 1992.

Composite bridges. The SMK (tooth in one day) method is an adhesive restorative prosthedontic solution.
The method basically involves the dentist modelling and shaping a tooth from composite materials in the gap between the teeth.

  • System permanently rebuilds missing teeth
  • System does not damaged neighbouring teeth (no drill used)
  • One visit (2 hours)
  • Can be used for all ages (young people)
  • Much cheaper than implants or traditional bridges
  • Completely painless
  • No risk, free on-line consultations

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