history-2 history-1 Dentus Timeline – 1958.

Franciszek Turostowski (BDS) together with his wife Maria Turostowska (BDS) opened one of the first private dental clinics in Poland. Due to the geographical positioning of Szczecin (Stettin) the dental clinic run by Franciszek and Maria was always popular with patients from Germany and Scandinavia.




In 1992 on graduating from the Pomeranian Dental School in Szczecin Cezary Turostowski joined his parents at Dentus. After 10 years Cezary Turostowski (DDS) took over as lead dentist at the surgery and transformed it into a modern state of the art dental clinic with specialising in cosmetic dentistry and implantology.






team x-ray


The Dentus Dental and Implantology Clinic is now one of the most visited dental clinics by patients from Scandinavia, Germany and the UK.
The clinic is licenced by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Polish Association of Implant Surgeons and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie.




Top Ten Reasons why our patients choose DENTUS

  1. We work with dentists who are highly specialised in implantology, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetic dentistry , radiology and surgery
  2. Native speaker assistance
  3. Our staff is fluent in English
  4. The clinic is licenced  by: the International Congress of Oral Implantologists , Polish Association of Implant Surgeons, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie
  5. Modern approach to dentistry and diagnostics
  6. European Union Certification
  7. Eco appraoch to dentistry
  8. Work closely with a health therapist to combat dental allergies and dental phobias
  9. Work closely with an international dental laboratory which means our prosthetics are of the highest standards.
  10. Due to our long term experience in treating patients from abroad we are specialist in transforming your smile within 1 week