Sandblasting – this is the next stage of hygiene-related procedures. The purpose of this stage is to remove any discoloration or teeth caused by coffee or cigarettes. To achieve this goal, a dental hygienist uses a special device called a sandblaster, together with the appropriate chemicals used for sandblasting. read more “Sandblasting”

Coffee and healthy teeth

Who of you think that coffee is the perfect way to start the day well?

It is also a great addition to the cake during gossip with a friend. One is enough for one coffee in the morning, while others can drink a few strong espresso while working in corpo. Of course, good coffee in reasonable quantities is even indicated, but it also has its drawbacks. When it comes to enamel, color and discoloration, coffee in large quantities does not work well, because it leaches calcium from the enamel, which promotes yellowing and discoloration. read more “Coffee and healthy teeth”