Our Dental Team have made a commitment to being an environmentally friendly clinic. There are  six major areas of dental office management which we believe can have a major affect on the environment. These are :Preventative dentistry, waste and pollution, water and energy, high technology apparatus, patient practices and general health practices.  Each of these vital eco areas has an experienced member of staff in charge to ensure that the practices are enforced.

High Technology Apparatus

Cezary Turostowski D.D.S Implant Surgeon

  • introduction of digital diagnostics for patients
  • regular radiation evaluations
  • Dental CBCT scanner for advanced implantology
  • advanced technology dental units

Preventative Dentistry/Education

Anna Sączek-Otto BDS

  • education programme for children
  • promotion of mercury free dentistry
  • promotion of early and regular diagnostics
  • education programme for adults

Waste and Pollution

Magda Milancew Dental Assistant

  • non paper patient records and specialist segregation
  • digital X-rays and amalgam seperator
  • recycling of non reusable instruments and eco friendly washing and cleaning agents
  • sterilisation of all dental instruments including dental unit removable instruments