Dentistry over the past years has greatly evolved. Not only is it about caring for your teeth using state of the art technology and procedures, it is also about treating teeth and at the same time seeing how teeth can affect the whole body.  Holistic dentists now treat patients in a less toxic, more individualised and in a environmentally friendly way.


1. Safe removal of amalgam fillings 

10 steps amalgam removal procedure:

  • Patient and dentist are protected using special clothing and
  • Protective glasses
  • Keep the fillings cool during removal
  • Cutting the amalgam into chunks during removal
  • High-volume suction system in the mouth
  • Rubber dam to protect the patient from amalgam particles and vapour 
  • Immediate clean up of the face and neck after amalgam removal
  • Air purification in the surgery prior to treatment
  • Use of environmental amalgam separator
  • Activated charcoal pills prior to treatment to absorb small particles of amalgam in the mouth and vitamin supplements post treatment

2. Use of non- fluoride and natural  fillings

3. Testing for dental allergies – materials and metals used in dentistry

4. Use of non latex gloves

5. Bioresonance relaxation procedures

6. Post removal dental diet  

7. Removal of all inflammation and bacteria prior to treatment

8. Tongue Examination