Native Speaker Care and Assistance

Before anyone decides to go abroad the most important issue to think about is the language barrier. The patient has to be sure that they will be completely understood by the dentist and more importantly that they will understand everything about the treatment.

This is why we excel in providing the best service for our patients. Not only do the dentists speak fluent English but the owner of the clinic is a native speaker from the UK. Isobel Perera-Turostowska was born in the Uk and moved to Poland on graduating from Birmingham University. She is married to Cezary Turostowski who is the lead dentist and owner of the dental clinics.

Therefore, when you come to our clinic you will feel as if you are at your dentist at home.

Lower prices

Dental treatment at our clinics is over 50 % cheaper than the rest of Europe. Examples of our prices – please contact us.

NHS reimbursement

Our qualified experienced staff will help you with any documents and information you might need for NHS dental reimbursement.

Dental Packages

Our patients are not only pleased with their treatment but also with savings that they get on their treatment. Read more >>

Travel and accommodation

As we are a large dental clinic we have administrative staff that are able to help you in finding a hotel and transport suited to your needs. Hotels in Szczecin range from 5 star like the Radisson to very cosy boutique hotels which are a lot cheaper.

Free Examinations

If you are interested in a free examination and dental quote you are more than welcome to contact us to book an appointment. Our staff speak English, therefore, there will be no language problem.The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend dental examinations at least twice a year.

Wide range of dental treatment

We offer professional dental healthcare including oral implantology, crowns and bridges, veneers, cosmetic dentistry as well as smile makeovers. We also have other treatment such as lip enhancement, botox and wrinkle fillers.

Holiday in Szczecin

Szczecin is a modern European city offering but offering Polish prices (which are around 50% cheaper than other European cities). Szczecin lies approximately 120 km from Berlin (Germany) and 1 hour away from the Baltic coast where there are ferry connections to Scandinavia. Szczecin has also many tourist attractions. It is surrounded by forests, parks and lakes. It has 4 golf courses within an hours drive. It also offers good shopping as well as many restaurants and bars. When you come for your dental treatment to Szczecin you will also be able to try the many spa and wellness facilities available in Szczecin.


In less than a week we can complete most of the dental treatment. We are able to perform a wide spectrum of dental treatment in a short time. Treatment which is usually drawn out over many months we are able to condense into a week. However, there are instances such as implant treatment where a second visit is necessary. This is usually in the case of implants.

Dental Allergy Testing

In the past few years we have noted an increase in the number of patients with dental allergies. As a result Dentus Dental Clinics have introduced a new service for our patients. Patients, before receiving treatment, are tested for allergies relating to materials and metals used in dentistry. This service is free of charge. Read more >>

Szczecin - Poland's greenest city

Szczecin is located in north-west Poland, 20 km away from the German border and 130 km from Berlin. It is a buzzing and bustling city in the region, with a population of 425,000.
In Poland, Szczecin is considered “the Paris of the North” as the heart of the city is a star-shaped square, with diverging avenues, just like it is in Paris.
Szczecin was designed by Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who had redesigned Paris under Napoléon III. Szczecin’s architectural style is mainly influenced by Art Nouveau. However, what really sets Szczecin apart from other Polish cities are the city’s green spaces: green areas abound with parks and wide avenues and roundabouts flanked by trees. As a result, a stroll along the city streets is a relaxing and refreshing experience for tourists and visitors.