Szczecin is located in north- west Poland,  20 km away from the German border and 130 km from Berlin.  It is a buzzing and bustling city in the region,  with a population of 425,000.
In Poland, Szczecin is  considered “the Paris of the North”  as the heart of the city is a star-shaped square, with diverging avenues, just like it is in Paris.

Szczecin was designed by Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who had redesigned Paris under Napoléon III.  Szczecin’s architectural style is mainly influenced by Art Nouveau.  However, what really sets Szczecin apart from other Polish cities are the city’s green spaces: green areas abound with parks and wide avenues and roundabouts flanked by trees. As a result, a stroll along the city streets is a relaxing and refreshing experience for tourists and visitors.


Tourist Attractions

Szczecin’s Lake District