Our patients are not only pleased with their treatment but also with savings that they get on their treatment. Very often the savings can be nearly 70% than on dental bills at home. The UK as most other European countries allows patients travelling abroad to claim NHS reimbursement.

If you are entitled to National Health Insurance then you will most probably be reimbursed for part of your treatment depending on the dental band you are in.

As an NHS patient, you have the right to receive treatment anywhere in the European Economic Area (EEA). However, conditions may apply in some cases.

There are two ways to access NHS-funded healthcare in other EEA countries:

EU Directive on cross-border healthcare

Most dental treatment comes under the EU Directive on cross-border healthcare (or Article 56)

Generally, you’ll have to pay the costs of treatment abroad and then claim reimbursement from the NHS when you return.

The S2 route (or E112)

This is a direct arrangement between the NHS and the state healthcare provider in the country of your choice. Prior approval is required. In most cases dental treatment is not part of the S2 route.

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